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We all agree that kids need to be active.
Activities of all kinds are welcome either through unstructured, free play or sporting activities. However in our gadget-driven lives, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to get their children off the vast array of electronic devices available to children.

Many parents, while they understand the need for physical activity, just don’t have the time to drive the kids to various extracurricular activities at different locations, or have the budget to fit in the many programs available. And this task becomes especially more difficult with 2 or more children, or when there is an age difference or even different interests amongst siblings and parents are trying to accommodate their needs

Kids enjoy being active !!! And that’s exactly where a place like Olympic Kids Club comes in.

To be launched in October 2018, the facility functions as a one stop centre for babies, children and teenagers to be exposed to a variety of different extra curricular activities under one roof.

Whether is futsal, tennis, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, ballet, street dance, tap dance, gymnastics, fitness, swimming, playgroups, music or martial arts, everything is on offer is one location with programs available for children from 6 months to 16 years old.

These activities are conducted by local and international coaches with established, easy, step-by-step syllabus’ for kids and teenagers who will be assessed every 3 months to ensure progression in each sport they choose.



The Olympic Kids Club focuses on Children’s physical development such as balance, coordination, strength, agility, rhythm, and flexibility while preparing them to excel in the sport they choose. While it promotes and encourages sporting activities, Olympic Kids Club also believes that every child has their own time to learn and process new information, so the intensity and goals of every lesson will be different according to the age group or depending or the capabilities of the child or teenager. The Club delivers this through a structured progression program starting at gradual regular workout routines to pre and competitive classes.
Sports can teach children and teens a number of things including great soft skills for life such as confidence, teamwork, discipline and importantly maintaining a healthy lifestyle.